Hi! I’m Brian.

I’m an Experience Design Director and Principal Designer that helps companies create mobile app experiences that their customers love.

Your Experience(d) Guide

Take a moment and look at your phone’s home screen. How many of those apps do you use each day? And I mean, really use, not just mindlessly scroll through while standing in line somewhere. What is it about those apps that make them valuable to you? How do they improve your daily life?

Now, how many apps on your phone do you barely ever use? I would guess most because they don’t add much value to your life. You might use them for a specific task now and again, but day-to-day, they merely take up space.

Apps are expensive and time-consuming to build. Why waste valuable resources building something that barely ticks a requirement?

I am passionate about creating apps that make an impact on someone’s day, bridging that critical gap between the needs of the business and those of your customers. Let’s work together to solve your core business objectives and create a meaningful experience your customers love.

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UI Design
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Mobile Apps
Product Strategy
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Case Studies

With 21 years of professional design expertise, building and leading teams big and small, in large organizations to startups, in a wide range of industries, I have seen a thing or two because I’ve designed a thing or two.

Check out my case studies to see just a few examples of my work. So that you know, a password is required due to the sensitive nature of these projects.

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