Meet Brian.

I specialize in helping companies create world-class internal and external-facing mobile apps, websites, and other digital products that solve real-world business needs. My experience across a wide range of industries has honed my ability to conceive, design, and build data-driven and user-centric digital products while leading the teams that bring these projects to life. I keep people at the forefront of all that I do, whether it’s making crafting a strategy, leading a group, or mentoring new designers.

A lot of bang for your buck!

I Create High Value

What do you get hiring me versus the next designer on Google? Well, I’ve worked with startups and huge multinational companies, making me comfortable in flip flops or a boardroom (once wearing flipflops in a board room, but that’s another story). I can absorb ambiguous information and requirements in a complex system, condense thoughtful research into actionable results, and turn around designs and prototypes quickly to test different solutions before we spend a lot of money building something. Comfortable working across all aspects of the design process – from research, concept ideation, and execution – my work is fast, highly strategic, and created with development in mind.

What To Expect Working With Me

I say what I mean, and I mean what I say, I am straightforward and honest, and there are no games that I play. </end Dr Suess plugin> No matter the size of the company, from the person at the front door to the CEO in the boardroom, I treat everyone right and with the utmost respect. I won’t waste time or money to inflate an invoice; I view your business – and the budget! – as if it were my own. I pride myself on hitting deadlines and delivering exceptional work. I don’t take myself too seriously, but I am serious about the work that I do.

I say what I mean, I mean what I say


I am trustworthy, honest, and do the right thing even when it’s hard.
Give Back
I create an impact in the world by using my skills to give back to others.
I treat others the way I want to be treated.
Keep learning, all the time. Never settle for good enough.
Enjoy the Journey
We only get one life, so take time to enjoy it and celebrate a little bit each day.
Wireframes and UI, oh my!


My design work is the result of years of focused practice, deep collaboration, and continuous learning. Learn more about the skills and capabilities that I use to create data-driven and user-centric solutions.

Design Process


Over the years, I’ve worked with startups, mid-size organisations, and Fortune 500 companies, solving some of their hardest challenges. Learn more about the design process used to bring these new products to life.

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